!!BESTSELLER!! elTORO Bow Stringer Recurve- & Longbow 1

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elTORO Bow stringer I

- Suitable for long- and recurve bows
- Very strong and durable cord
- Genuine upper leather
- Limb bracket with soft, structured
  leather on the lower side, which secures
  the bracket on the limb

approx. 250cm (individually adjustable)

Instructions - Bow stringer for longbows:

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Instructions - Bow stringer for recurve bows:
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eITORO Bow Stringer Recurve- & Longbow 1

High-quality bow stringer from the extra class for recurve- and longbows. In contrast to many other suppliers, our bow stringers are made exclusively of sturdy upper leather.
The extra thick stringer and the genuine leather look round off this high-quality product.

Instructions - Bow stringer for longbows:

Instructions - Bow stringer for recurve bows:


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