[SPECIAL] elTORO Horrido Line Set - Arm Guard, Back Quiver and Glove (Size XL)

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[SPECIAL] elTORO Horrido Line Set - Armschutz, Handschuh und Rückenköcher
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[SPECIAL] elTORO Horrido Line Set - Armguard, Glove and Back Quiver

Manufactured from robust, abrasion-resistant nylon fabric, the Horrido Line is particularly suitable for shooters who like to train outside of air-conditioned shooting ranges or compete in competitions. Following this demand, all models of the line come in a pleasant, almost hunter-green, which gives them their special appearance and from which the name of the product line was inspired. The Horrido Line should also be particularly interesting for shooters who value archery accessories that fit together and follow a design line. After all, when do you find a bow pocket, a quiver, an armguard and a shooting glove that really match?

[SPECIAL] elTORO Horrido Line Set - Back Quiver, Armguard and Shooting Glove

With this great set, you are well equipped as a shooter. A back quiver, an armguard and a shooting glove, which are coordinated and follow a design line, belong to the basic equipment of every shooter. That's why everything you need is already included in the scope of delivery:

- elTORO Horrido Line Back Quiver
- elTORO Horrido Line Armguard
- elTORO Horrido Line Shooting Glove


Back quiver
The sturdy back quiver fits seamlessly into the Horrido product line and also impresses with its combination of green nylon fabric and brown applications.
The upper and lower edges of the quiver are reinforced with leather and additionally provided with an ornamental seam at the bottom, which leads up to the top on the back. The patch pocket (H/W/D: 14cm/9cm/5cm) is also made of leather and is ideal for smaller accessories. The bag is closed by lacing with a leather strap.
The shoulder strap is adjustable in length. Suitable for right and left-hand shooters.

  Height: 52cm
  width: 16-19cm

Shooting glove
The comfortable shooting glove is made of a combination of different materials. The back of the hand is covered with the typical green nylon fabric, while the palm is covered with soft brown leather. The fingertips are reinforced with a second layer of leather. This ensures quick release of the tendon as well as optimum protection of the fingertips even with high pulling weights. For the optimal fit of the glove, it is attached to the wrist with a Velcro fastener.

  Sizes: S, M, L or XL

The traditional armguard, made of robust nylon fabric and held in the typical green colour, lies comfortably firmly on the forearm and, with the use of the leather reinforcement, provides double protection against unintentional contact with the rushing tendon. The arm protection is closed with stable eyelets and lacing with elastic band.
  Length: 16cm
  width: 13-17cm


Delivery include:
1x back quiver
1x armguard
1x shooting glove


Material: nylon
Hand: Right HandLeft Hand
Fastener: Lacing
Colour: Green
Shipping weight: 1,39 kg
Item weight: 0,73 kg