elTORO Bow Hand Glove Panther for the Left Hand - Size M

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elTORO Panther - Bow Glove for the Left Hand
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elToro PANTHER bow glove - for the left hand

The Panther bow glove prevents injuries when shooting over the back of the hand, especially for blank archers, and facilitates a better arrow reflex when shooting. The area between the index finger and thumb is particularly reinforced.

The stories about wood splinters in the bow hand caused by shattered arrows are now also a thing of the past with this glove. It simply offers optimal protection and a secure grip for all archers who use wooden arrows.

The bow glove - what is it for?

The bow glove is primarily aimed at archers who shoot their arrows without an arrow rest, i.e. directly over the back of the hand. The glove is worn on the hand that holds the bow and on which the arrow rests. A different glove, the shooting glove, is needed for the hand that pulls the tendon. Due to the special cut, the bow glove protects the area between the thumb and index finger from injuries to the hand when the arrow is shot, e.g. from the sharp edges on the keel of the natural fletching or from broken wooden arrows.

  • Right-handed archers, i.e. archers who hold the bow with their left hand and pull the string with their right hand, require a bow glove for the left hand.
  • Left-handed archers, who hold the bow with the right hand and pull the string with the left hand, require a bow glove for the right hand.


Material: cowhide

Sizes: S, M, L, XL


Please note: The glove is slightly smaller in all sizes. So to get the size that suits you, we recommend ordering the glove one size larger.



Material: Cowhide
Hand: Right Hand
Size: M
Fastener: Velcro
Colour: Black
Shipping weight: 0,04 kg
Item weight: 0,04 kg