elTORO Bow Sling | Color: Black

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elTORO Bow Sling | Color: Black
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A small detail for the perfect shot

As every archer knows, the shot does not end when the arrow is released, but really only when it hits the target. But what else is so important after that? After the string is released, the arrow still needs a small, decisive moment to leave the bow completely. This moment is enough to deflect the arrow and eventually miss the target.

The cause of this is mostly the archer himself, who has moved the bow, or more precisely the riser, incorrectly. However, this movement is almost unavoidable when the bow is held and shot with a closed bow hand. This is because, by forcefully holding and completely enclosing the bow with the hand, once the string is released, force is inevitably exerted on the hand, which ends up moving as a result.

For this reason, it is important to hold the bow with an open and relaxed bow hand during the draw. When releasing, the bow then stabilizes itself through the acting forces. It is therefore not necessary to actively hold it upright. On the contrary, the bow is "dropped" after firing.
To prevent the bow from actually falling down, there is the bow sling. This inconspicuous but important accessory ensures that shooting can be done with an open hand, yet the bow does not fall down, but remains securely in the wrist. The archer thus always has the reassuring feeling that the bow will not be damaged and they can shoot with confidence.

The adjustable bow sling made of braided nylon material, is attached to the riser using the connecting strap made of leather between the stabilizer and the stabilizer bushing.

black, brown or black/brown

approx. 48cm

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