elTORO Bow Stringer

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elTORO Bow Stringer
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elTORO Bow strap / Bow Stringer

elTORO´s bow Stringer is actually a bow strap. The high quality stitched belt made of robust nylon is wider than conventional bow stringer and allows better support on the bow and more area to hold with the foot. However, it is not too wide to become unwieldy like other bow straps. To prevent it from slipping on the limb, the contact surface of the belt is covered with a rubberized surface.

We generally recommend that you tighten bows only with a bow strap or string in order not to damage the bow. Tensioning the bow is also much easier with a bow strap!

Technical data:
Length: 230cm
Width: 2,5cm
Width of the limb holder: 5cm


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