elTORO Brown Tradition - Suede Side Quiver

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elTORO Brown Tradition - Suede Side Quiver
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elTORO Brown Tradition - Suede Side Quiver

The elTORO Brown Tradition is characterised by high-quality workmanship and sophisticated design. In addition to the four included tubes, in which more than 20 arrows can be perfectly organized, the quiver has 3 additional pockets for accessories. The 2 pockets directly on the quiver can be closed with zippers and provide a safe place for accessories that are not often used. The bag in the area of the belt holder is closed with a Velcro fastener and is therefore ideal for frequently used materials that need to be within easy reach.

For accessories such as the arrow pulling aid or the arrow cleaner, the Black Tradition PRO has more than 3 eyelets. One is on the pocket of the belt holder, two others on the quiver - in the area of the pockets - itself.
Technical data:
Material: high quality suede leather
Colour: dark brown

Length (total): approx. 47,5cm
Width (quiver): approx. 14-16cm
Width (total): approx. 41cm
Large bag at the quiver (H/W/D): approx. 16cm / 10cm / 2,5cm
Small bag at the quiver (H/W/D): approx. 9cm / 6,5cm / 4cm
Bag at the belt holder ( H/W/D ): approx. 12cm / 12cm / 2,5cm
Weight: approx. 0,875kg

Delivery include:
1x quiver incl. 4 tubes


Material: Suede
Type of quiver: Side quiver
Hand: Right Hand
Colour: Light Brown
Shipping weight: 0,50 kg
Item weight: 0,20 kg

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