elTORO Horrido Line - Recurve Bow Bag

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elTORO Horrido Line - Recurve Bow Bag


Dimensions (outside):
Length: 178cm
height: 21,5cm
depth: 3,5-8,5cm

Dimensions (inside):
Length: 174cm (approx. 68.5 "es)
Height: 21cm

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elTORO Horrido Line - One Piece - Recurve Bow Bag

Manufactured from robust, abrasion-resistant nylon fabric, the Horrido Line is particularly suitable for shooters who like to train outside of air-conditioned shooting ranges or compete in competitions. Following this demand, all models of the line come in a comfortable, almost hunter-green, lending them their special appearance and inspiring the name of the product line. The Horrido Line should also be particularly interesting for shooters who value archery accessories that match and follow a design line. After all, when do you find a bow pocket, a quiver, an armguard and a shooting glove that really look good together?

The Recurve bow bag with its thick foam padding is the ideal transport bag for one-piece bows up to 68" long. But not only the padding provides good protection for the bow, also the inside of the bag, covered with soft fabric, reliably protects the equipment from damage and scratches.
The recurve bow bag is closed with a robust, double zipper, that can be opened on both sides and that goes around the bag so far that it can be opened completely after it has been opened. This makes it easy to remove or pack the bow.
Further accessories can of course also be carried, as the outside pocket (L/W/D: 86cm/19cm/5cm) not only accommodates an arrow box (max. 32") or tube, but also other accessories.

Dimensions (outside):
Length: 154cm
Height: 33cm
depth: 3,5-8,5cm

Dimensions (inside):
Length: 170cm (approx. 67")
height: 32,5cm


Delivery include:
1 piece



Type of bag: Suitable for recurve bows
Shipping weight: 1,60 kg
Item weight: 1,20 kg

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