elTORO Horrido Line - Shooting Glove

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elTORO Horrido Line - Shooting Glove
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elTORO Horrido Line - Shooting Glove

Manufactured from robust, abrasion-resistant nylon fabric, the Horrido Line is particularly suitable for shooters who like to practice or compete outside of air-conditioned shooting ranges. Following this demand, all models of the line come in a pleasant, almost hunter-green, which gives them their special design and from which the name of the product line was inspired. The Horrido Line should also be particularly interesting for shooters who value archery accessories that fit together and follow a design line. Because when do you find a bow bag, a quiver, an armguard and a shooting glove that really look good together?

The comfortable shooting glove is made of a combination of different materials. The back of the hand is covered with the typical green nylon fabric, while the palm is covered with soft brown leather. The fingertips are reinforced with a second layer of leather. This ensures quick release of the string as well as optimum protection of the fingertips even with heavy draw weights. For the optimal fit of the glove, it is attached to the wrist with a Velcro fastener.

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