elTORO Shoe Saver

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elTORO Shoe Saver
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elTORO Shoe Saver

Who does not know it? You stand waiting on the shooting range or in the terrain and want to put your bow on the ground, but you don't want to scratch the tips. So you place the bow on your own foot. From there the bow slides down anyway and still hits the ground with the tip and scratches. elTORO now has the solution: the practical Shoe Saver for exactly such situations!

The Shoe Saver is attached to the lacing of the laces with the long tab and rests on top of the shoe. The arch can now be easily placed in the circular recess of the Shoe Saver with the tip. The bow now stands securely in the Shoe Saver and can no longer slip off the foot so easily. The Shoe Saver itself stays on the shoe during the training session or tournament and is always ready for use.


Technical data:
Length: 125mm
Width: 60mm
Height: 12mm
Weight: 30g


brown or black



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