elTORO Wild Colorz - Bow stringer

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elTORO Wild Colorz - Bow stringer
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elTORO Wild Colorz - Bow stringer

This stable and high-quality bow stringer is adjustable in length. It is suitable for recurve and long bows.

By using a bow stringer, the bowstring can be strung with less effort. Furthermore, this method of tensioning is much gentler on the bow and limbs. Manual tensioning can distort or damage the bow and limbs in the long run.

Wild Colorz - The new product line from elTORO

Robust suede and attractive colours bring a breath of fresh air to the new quivers, gloves and arm guards from elTORO. In the Wild Colorz series, all accessories are made of high-quality suede, which, despite all its robustness, is particularly appealing with its visually rough yet soft surface. In addition, some products are beautifully hallmarked with ornaments and the elTORO logo. Finally, the attractive colours give the Wild Colorz products their second special feature, because where else do you see such a variety of appealing colours in accessories for archery?


black, gray, red, pink, orange, green, brown, dark brown, purple, beige or bordeaux


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Instructions - Bow stringer for longbows:/detail_pdf/ANL304_Anleitung_SPANNSCHNUR_LANGBOGEN_BOGENSPORTWELT.DE.pdf

Instructions - Bow stringer for recurve bows:






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